Welcome to MHC Property

At MHC Property our single minded focus is on improving property to achieve its full market value.

All too often, a home owner has to settle for selling their property below its full value because they are not in a position to make the necessary improvements demanded by the market.

Raising finance can be a complicated, expensive and time consuming process. Also, managing the Trades people and the improvement project itself, understandably, puts most people off. Frustratingly, the result is the property has to be sold for less than it could have achieved.

We are highly experienced and passionate about property improvement and value creation. With our team of trusted craftsmen we will manage the entire improvement project for you. Uniquely, we can also provide the interest-free funding to cover the cost of the improvements.

We call it our Property Improvement Plan, or PIP for short.

Do get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about your property challenge.